Health Protection & Education Services

Who We Serve

HPES clients are primarily impoverished and are unable to obtain basic health maintenance services through the traditional healthcare system. Participants in our health screenings are of many races and ethnicities and speak many languages. In addition, 49.7% of HPES clients are non-English speaking or have limited English proficiency.  HPES targets the uninsured and underserved in geographic regions that have little access to health services through hospitals or private physicians.  In 2016, HPES served 673 clients: 28.5% Chinese, 21.2% Caucasian, 15.9% African American, 13.9% Korean, 5% Russian, 5% Spanish and 6.6% other. 

Each client receives a Medical Handbook for Adults.  The adult medical handbook is printed in eight languages:  English, Chinese, Korean, Bosnian, Vietnamese, Russian, Farsi, and Spanish.

Anyone is eligible to receive a health screening  who is 19 years and older.  There are no residency requirements.  There are no income requirements.