Health Protection & Education Services

What We Do

HPES provides free health screening services and health education to the under served and uninsured that live in targeted service areas in St. Louis City and County, where there are limited medical facilities and private physician offices.

Along with screening tests, HPES provides one-on-one consultation with a physician after testing.  Each new screening client receives the Adult Medical Handbook with helpful topics and information on community resources.  The Adult Medical Handbook is provided in eight languages:  Mandarin, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Bosnian, Vietnamese, Russian, Farsi and English.

Breaking Down Barriers to Healthcare

Hilda is a resident of University City.  She discovered that HPES conductgs health screenings after reading a bulletin board in Heman Park advertising the screenings.  She came to her first screening.  Hilda says, "I had a very good experience that created a positive attitude in me.  For that I am very appreciative.  Hilda remembers that everyone was very kind and that the mdical students were very helful.  "Everyone listned to my problems."  The physician she counseled with, Dr. Steve Plax, referred her to People's Health Center.  She also visited the dental station during her visit; and the dentist. Dr. Ronnie Drake, referred her to People's Dental Clinic.  HPES paid for the co-pay for Hilda's first medical appointment at People's Health Center and the first dental appointment at the People's Dental Clinic.