Health Protection & Education Services

Teen Handbook

My Medical Handbook: A Guide for Teens is available only in English.  The topics in the Teen Medical Handbook were chosen by a group of teens who felt the subjects were interesting and important. Near the top of their list was “How to bring up subjects with your parents or advisors when these are sensitive topics.”

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Medical students (pictured) who volunteer at the HPES  health screenings initiated a program  in response to what they perceived to be important medical information lacking in the population of St. Louis area teens.  This concern led to the development of an interactive presentation to at-risk teens that includes information about teen health taken from the HPES Teen Handbook.   Medical students also use this opportunity to discuss the importance of staying in school. 

The goals of the Young Physician Education Program include:

  • to provide engaging, interactive, experiences to enhance level of knowledge relevant to prevention of obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes
  • to enhance service learning experience for medical students by providing opportunity for structured interaction with youth as a community health educator
  • to disseminate  copies of the HPES Teen Health Handbook
  • to make students and their families aware of free health screenings provided by HPES. 

The Young Physician Education Program was firstly presented at the Bernie Harris Math/Science Camp at Washington University and  for the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri Cadette Health Fair.  It has since added yearly presentations at College Bound, Mathews-Dickey Boys & Girls Summer Camp, and Boys and Girls Clubs of America for teens and their families.