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Success Stories

Clients Modify Lifestyles

Pearly: Pearly is as conscientious about her health as she is about being a mother, grandmother and professional childcare worker.   One day last year she came across an HPES flier at the day care center where she is employed.  Pearly decided she would give this medical screening a try.  She liked the idea that she didn’t have to wait for an appointment.  She also liked the idea that the service was close to her place of employment.  She visited the University City Library one Saturday morning in January for a health screening.

Pearly wasn’t quite sure what her health status was.  She knew her cholesterol count was probably a little higher than it should be.  What she discovered, however, was her cholesterol level much higher than she imagined.  She took other tests including an EKG, vision and audio examination.  She spoke one-on-one to a doctor who encouraged her to seek further medical attention.  She also received a medical handbook in the form of a notebook that included the HPES health screening test. 

Pearly thinks HPES is a great service.  “I refer back to my notebook often when I want to find more information about my health.”  She is proud to say that she has taken steps to get her cholesterol under control and she continues to manage her health care.  At the time of her visit, she did not have health insurance.  However, since then, she has enrolled in a health maintenance insurance plan on her job.

At its core, the purpose of HPES is to detect disease early and provide the opportunity for early intervention.  The ultimate goal of HPES is to provide culturally and ethnically relevant health information and effective patient education to help clients modify their lifestyles and access needed healthcare services.

Soon Mi:  Soon Mi Min and her husband grew up in South Korea and were married in 1999.  Her husband made a bold move and moved to the United States in 2004 with the dream of becoming a Christian minister.  Soon Mi, her husband and daughter now live in Manchester, Missouri and her husband attends Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary as an international student.  As a result, the family does not have health insurance.  Soon Mi does not speak English well; and she communicates in English through her husband or daughter.

Soon Mi attended our health screening on a Saturday at the University City Library.  Soon Mi spoke with volunteer Korean Dr. Stephen Kim.  Along with all the other testing provided, Soon Mi received vision testing by volunteer Dr. Andrew Huang, Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences department of Washington University Medical School.   As a result of the vision screening, Soon Mi was referred to Washington University Eye Center.

Soon Mi thought the overall HPES health screening was valuable for the following reasons:

  1. She was able speak directly to a Korean-speaking doctor
  2. She was able to check her blood sugar level (she was already aware she is diabetic)
  3. She was able to get her eyesight and intra-ocular pressure checked.  Her intra-ocular pressure was high due to complications of her diabetes. 
  4. She followed up with Washington University Eye Center and received glasses.

Soon Mi is proud of the fact that she traveled to  WashU's Eye Center.  She feels proud that she did it ‘by myself.’  It was a sign of her independence and acculturation.