Health Protection & Education Services


Funding Partnerships:

Barnes-Jewish Hospital Foundation

Dana Brown Foundation


Episcopal-Presbyterian Medical Charitable Trust

Greater St. Louis Health Foundation

The Daughters of Charity

The Hill Foundation

The Lutheran Foundation

Missouri Foundation for Health

The Mildred Simon Foundation

Spirit of St. Louis Women's Fund

The Trio Foundation

People's Health Centers (PHC) Partnership

To help encourage clients to obtain a primary health-care home, PHC provides HPES a listing of PHC appointments at each Saturday screening, so that HPES clients can be encouraged to follow-up and obtain primary care assistance.  Because of the level of poverty of our clients and because of the proximity of PHC to the University City library, PHC is an excellent choice as a provider of HPES clients’ primary care.   HPES provides payment for the initial co-payment for the first visit; which is normally $25.

Language Access Metro Project (LAMP)

HPES prides itself on its extensive, nontraditional nature of
delivering complimentary health care screenings to the St. Louis community. HPES offers coverage in areas such as: blood glucose checks, blood pressure measurements, cholesterol, skin inspections, EKGs, hearing, height and weight, and vision.

HPES is currently collaborating with Language Access Metro Project (LAMP).  LAMP’s mission is to limit the strain on Limited English Proficiency (LEP) individuals in the St. Louis area, communicating in both a client’s mother language and English, to ensure that the best possible
healthcare is attained on an individual basis. This mission of inter-LEP interpretation is done on a “no frills” policy, meaning that all content will be directly translated to both the English speaking service provider, and LEP patient, to minimize miscommunications and close the language gap.